NASA Acronyms:
Need Another Seven Astronauts
Need Another Shuttle Again!
Not Another Shuttle Accident
NASA Are Sacrificing Americans
NASA Are Space Assassins
Now All-over Southern America
Not Another Streaking Astronaut
North Americans Splatter Appealingly
Not Another Stupid Acronym
Need Another Shuttle - ASAP!
Nice Air Show, Assholes

Last message from Mission Control:
"Go on... let her drive, what harm can it do?"

Q. Why do they drink Coke at NASA?
A. Because they can't get 7 Up!

Police have located a badly burnt penis hanging in a tree in Texas.......
They believe it is a shuttlecock.

Can't the Republicans leave politics out of the shuttle disaster?
Now they're blaming it all on the left wing!
It was a heated debate

What were the last words of the Columbia crew?
One small step for a man, one gigantic splat for all mankind.

Did you hear about Ilan Ramon's blue eyes?
Yes. One blew this way and one blew that way.

What do the Columbia astronauts and tennis balls have in common?
They both bounce when they hit the ground.

How many black astronauts were there on Columbia?
1 during liftoff, 7 during re-entry.

How many passengers does Columbia carry?
14. Seven in seats, seven in the ashtray.

Songs to play at the funerals:

Free Fallin' by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
Breaking Up is Hard To Do by by Neil Sedaka (From one Jew to another)
Blaze of Glory - Jon Bon Jovi
Crash Boom Bang - Roxette
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
Nothing's gonna stop us now - Starship
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