It has finally happened - after years of telling jokes to anyone that can’t run away fast enough, completely unknown local identity Phillip McGree has finally relented and will be performing a stand-up comedy routine live on stage in heat 5 of the RAW Comedy 2004 competition on February 5, 2004.

Raw Comedy is an annual national competition. Each state has its own series of heats, semi finals and a state final, with the winner from each state performing in a national grand final which is broadcast on TV. Although not harbouring hopes of fame and fortune, Mr McGree is delighted and honoured to “at least fill out the numbers”.

Specially imported from several suburbs away, Mr McGree will be delivering some of his finest work that he has developed over the years. However, the controversial joke about the Palestinian blow-up doll that blew itself up has been taken out of the current routine, to be replaced by a joke about a morning-after pill for men that changes your blood type.

When asked for comment on his upcoming performance, Mr McGree replied, “No comment, my legal counsel and I are totally confident that we’ll be cleared at the hearing. Oh, you mean the comedy thing? Yeah, definitely come along to that one!”

When further asked why he was finally deciding to make a public appearance, Mr McGree explained that because of an imminent video tape release that features him with Paris Hilton, he was about to become a household name anyway. When pushed about a Paris Hilton video tape, he replied that it took him several late nights to splice it all together, but there definitely is now a video tape that shows Mr McGree and Miss Hilton in the same general vicinity.

People wishing to attend the performance will need to be at Hyde Park Hotel before 8:30pm on Thursday, February 5. This particular heat will be run and promoted by local identity Werzel, who runs a stand-up comedy show at the Hyde Park Hotel every Thursday night.

The promotors of RAW Comedy 2004 wish to make it clear that they are not directly involved with any of Mr McGree’s activities, confirming this by never returning any of his many calls.

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