Car registration plates

There was one in the US that was recalled after 6 months of use only after it was observed in a rear view mirror '3M TA3'.

Or the one I see at UTS Sydney all the time..... LUV24Q

I've heard of G SPOT. I think it's owned by a Gynocologist! :-)

6ULDV8 made it thru in sydney for a while then they recalled it and made the guy change when they realised what it meant.

UTERUS is on a ute in melb i followed it up Alexandra pde a couple of weeks ago and laughed at the time.

I remember reading once about a Urologist who had managed to sneak through IVSKIN

My boss from Boston told me about a number plate around his neck of the woods on bike: UB6IB9

I wanted MYXSUX but Vicroads told me it was offensive. I told them it wasn't offensive to me :)

My Favorite, I think, was a beautiful blonde in a Corvette with plates that said:
"4 BN EZ."

Met a guy the other night who had a standard (not personalised in any way) plate issued for his 200SX
that read 1BEG 469.......

My mate has a 9R with the issued plate of 1AM 666

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